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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Today I've tried to reflect on all that I am grateful for. Often times the enemy tries to take a small situation and turn it into something large. Often times we must learn to not allow others to dictate our level of happiness. I've allowed people's ideas and emotions about me, to determine what type of day I would have( or week for that matter). God has given us peace within ourselves to learn how to ignore the things of this world and find happiness and peace within him. I went through a season where the Lord would often whisper to me, " Who do I say that you are?" In the beginning it didn't mean much to me. But as years past and this replayed in my mind I had to seriously ask myself that question. Listen, God does not define us in the manner in which we define ourselves. When we see darkness, dirt, and filth, he sees beauty, potential, and strength. On the days that the enemy is using people to keep you down, just ask yourself that one vital question. In your heart God will tell you exactly who you are! You are kings and queens who will inherit the kingdom of God, now let's live like royalty and proudly wear our crowns!

God bless,

Miss T