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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What is the true meaning for the season?

We all know that Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ. However, we tend to get caught up in all the hype surrounding gift giving as well as receiving. Trust me, I know.... I'm guilty of it as well. It's time that we really reflect on what the true meaning of Christmas is. I received a few presents for Christmas. They were all nice, however they were not what I really wanted (particularly from my husband). But quickly I was convicted and the Lord had to reveal to me that being surrounded by family is a blessing within itself. When you find yourself frustrated behind gifts, these few steps will allow your attention to convert back to what's important.

#1 God gave us Jesus.... Which we know is the greatest gift of all.

#2 We have our families around us, food to eat, and clothes on our backs.

#3 God is the only one that can give us the true desires of our hearts, don't lose faith.

My Christmas was one of the best that I had ever experienced. It wasn't because of the gifts, but it was because of the family, love, and peace. It was a wonderfully peaceful day which allowed me to reflect not on my gifts, but on the many blessings God has brought into my life.

Even when we think he's not there, he's never left our side.

God bless,

Miss T